Lead the transition to AI in your organisation

From idea validation to deployment in production. One step at a time.

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Bring your AI idea to life

Fast. Within budget. Confidentially.

We help you discover and master the value you can bring to your company with Artificial Intelligence from day one, guiding you on your journey to a working prototype.

Analysis of technical viability

Tell us your idea. We'll formalise its technical specifications and time estimates.

Implementation of the product

Once satisfied with our specifications, we proceed to implement it.

Deployment and analysis

You can deploy it within our infrastructure.

Ongoing support

We provide support with guaranteed uptime.



A goal-oriented approach with results from week 1.


  • First Contact. Day 0

    First call and discussion about your project and expectations. This call is completely free and without commitment on your part. From our side, it is strictly confidential. You'll be talking directly to our engineers, who can answer your questions quickly.

  • Draft. Day +3

    We get back to you with a concrete draft defining our recommended approach. This includes technologies, time estimates and cost range. After we agree on your vision, we formalise it contractually. At this stage projects are usually completed within two weeks.

  • Weekly Sync. Day +10

    You can be involved as much as you wish. Your feedback along the way is welcome! We recommend at least one sync meeting per week.

  • Delivery. Day +18

    We'll deliver the agreed results on time. Since we are holding regular meetings, there won't be any surprises to you. If your are satisfied, this proof-of-concept can be extended to a production grade deployment. At this point we discuss the next steps (either keep it as it is or continue with deployment and support).

  • Done! Day +33

    A typical project will be ready in just 30 days, depending on its requirements and evolution. At this point you'll have in your control a working prototype that you can present to your company. We'll help you with the technical support.

Let's Talk!

Let's schedule a non-committal chat with our engineers. This conversation will be 100% confidential for us.

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About Us

About Us

Academic excellence applied to business needs.

Academic Rigour

Founded by a former researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute, Alisio Computing empowers you to lead the internal transition to a data-driven business in your organisation.

Corporate Pragmatism

We are extremely down-to-earth and pragmatic in our approach. We'll propose and go with the most efficient technical approach to your solution. We'll encourage you to step on the shoulders of giants and don't reinvent the wheel.

Education First

We don't just deliver a piece of software, but also make sure that you and your team will learn the realities of AI, and how the latest results from academia will bring you value.

Our Projects

Our Projects

From a vague idea to a working prototype in multiple industries

Social Media Intelligence

Early detection of Extremism in Social Media with AI and Big Data

Business Process Automation

Streamlining business processes with minimal invasive changes


Flexible and scalable Face Identification


Prediction of Loan Performance


Operator assistance for heavy machinery


Autonomous Driving

Big Data Visualisation

Representation of complex dynamics

Language Understanding

Extracting Insights from Social Media


Automatic Map Generation from 3D Pointclouds



From over 250+ developers, designers, and artists, we'll build and manage your team ad hoc to keep it dynamic, proficient and goal-oriented.

Eduardo Pena Viña

CEO & Founder

Eduardo holds a Master's in Aeronautical Engineering and Informatics from ISAE-ENSMA in Poitiers, France. He worked in Cybersecurity at Institut Télécom and Airbus Defence and Space (formerly Cassidian Cybersecurity). From 2013 to 2019, he worked in the Research Institute Fraunhofer ITWM in Kaiserslautern, Germany, where he developed techniques to generate High-Definition Maps for the autonomous driving industry. In the summer of 2019, he came up with the idea of providing a common interface for state-of-the-art models, bridging the gap between research papers and business needs. He conceived and implemented the architecture of Alisio and works to constantly improve its scalability and robustness.



We administer our own infrastructure from the ground up, to guarantee absolute confidentiality.

Our own administered servers in Germany

We don't upload your data (not even your company name) to any external company. We have tight control of our full IT infrastructure. No Amazon, no GitHub, no Google, no Dropbox. You control your data.

Confidential by design

All our communications are strictly confidential. We don't even allow Google Analytics on this site.

Quick results

You will see results from the first week. We iterate quickly.


Making sure you understand the basics and potential of AI is of paramount importance. You or your team will be able to keep maintaining it, if you wish.

Fully managed, fully flexible

We take care of coordinating the optimal team for your project. We can also work in close collaboration with your team.

No commitment from your side

After each milestone you'll decide if you want to continue working with us or keep maintaining the project by yourself.

Ready to jump into the future?

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